I want to make a Return

CibPCS is characterized by offering users maximum simplicity and speed in case of needing to use the return of a product.





1.1. Log in to the page and access your user panel

2.1. You will receive a reply e-mail with the return code and, if we manage the pick up, the shipping label. Print them

3.1. If we manage the pick up, in 24 hours the transport company will proceed to the pick up

4.1. If the product did not like you, when the package arrives we will refund the money you paid, subtracting, if it were the case, the expenses of the pick up that we have managed.

1.2. Go to Order history and details

2.2. Enter the return code, along with the product, box and all its original accessories , in a sturdy box or in which you received the order

3.2. If you send it by your own, we will wait for your arrival

1.3. Note the Order reference corresponding to the product you want to process the return

2.3. Place, if proceeds, the shipping label in a visible place on the outside of the box.

1.4. Send us an email with the Reference of the order, the reason for the return and if you want the pick up to be managed by us (The expenses are paid by the client.) or you will send it by your own

¿How to make a return

  • You can make a return to CIBPcs in different ways. The easiest way is by following the steps above and a messenger pick it up at the address you indicate. Another available option is that you send us the package yourself using the messaging system of your choice.

More abour returns

¿How long does a refund take to process?

  • Under Spanish law, the customer has 14 days to make a return.

¿Who pays the shipping costs in the returns?

  • The return shipping costs will be borne by the customer, as in the original order the shipping costs were paid by, will be subtracted from the total amount to be returned.

How much does it take to return my money?

  • Starting from we received the package with your return and once our technicians confirm that the returned item is in perfect condition (including its original box intact and with all its original accessories) the return time will be between 2 and 4 business days.

¿By what method do I get my money back?

  • Always by the same method you used to pay for your purchase.

¿Is there an article that can not be returned?

  • Yes, some products can not be returned. These are licensed software products, or products that are custom-made for the buyer or consist of services. Refunds for items damaged by use or incomplete are not allowed.

¿How can I make a change?

  • You can place a new order after receiving the money of the return, since the return and the new order are independent processess.