Warranty CIBPcs: What are your rights as a buyer?

CibPCS differs from the rest by offering users the maximum simplicity and speed in case of needing to make use of a product guarantee.





1.1. Log in to the page and access your user panel

2.1. You will receive a reply e-mail with the RMA code of your incidence and the shipping label for the carrier. Print them

3.1. In 24 hours, the carrier company will proceed with the pick up of the package

4.1. Once we receive your product under warranty, we will send you a new unit or make a repair

1.2. Go to Order history and details

2.2. Enter the RMA code, along with the product and original accessories, in a sturdy box or in which you received the order

1.3. Take note of the Order Reference orresponding to the product you want to process the warranty

2.3. Paste the shipping label in a visible place on the outside of the box.

1.4. Send us an email to info@cibpcs.com with the Reference of the order, the reason for the warranty and the address of the pick up

CIBPcs warranty: Easy & Quick. We think in your confort

What does the law say about the warranty period?

  • In general the warranty period is 2 years from the moment of purchase. For this it is essential to have the purchase ticket, which will serve the user to demonstrate that the product was purchased in an establishment and it shows the date it was purchased.

What does CIBPcs do?

  • At CIBPcs we send the invoice by email so that you always have it available at any time, as well as to preserve the environment.
  • And if you need to contact us, this is our contact page.

More about warranties

What is the term for the warranty?

  • 2 years for new articles

Who pays the shipping costs when making the warranty?

  • CIBPcs takes care of everything. Our agency will pick up your damaged item at home and it will also ships the replacement.

Is there a cost to replace the item under warranty?

  • No, for the final customer it's totally free.

How long does the warranty take?

  • Normally, from the moment the item arrives in our warehouse until we send you a replacement, we will need between one and two business days. If the item needs to be repaired, we will usually need less than 15 days. If the article has to be sent to the manufacturer, the average waiting time is 15 days, although it can take up to 30 days.

What happens if there are no units to make a replacement?

  • If there are no units to make a replacement, we will provide you with a unit with similar characteristics.

Do I have to send the item in its original box?

  • If you have the original box, you must send it with it and this one inside another in which you will attach the shipping label. If you no longer have the original box, you can send it with the same box where you will stick the label, making sure that the content does not move, so everything will be well protected in the transport. It is also recommended that you include all the accessories.

¿Is there a warranty for my data?

  • The data you have stored on any device is not covered by the product warranty. If the product is replaced, we will not be able to recover them. Likewise, if the product that contains them must be repaired, they may have to be erased to perform the necessary functional tests.
  • It is always convenient to keep a backup copy of your documents, images and videos.
  • Finally, if you do not have a backup copy and your device has broken down, you can consider requesting the data recovery service, which is outside the guarantee.